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Concavity Solutions is a proprietor ship company, founded in May 2009, with a simple idea of offering quality computer sales and servicing, we expanded our wings to chip level servicing, Technical Support on Desktops, Servers, Laptops and Smart Phones for users in Bangalore and now in the process of expanding in the field of technical training to cater to the needs of the market.

We have a home grown team of engineers and trained management staffs who help us build a small all-in-one company. Concavity Solutions team is backed by experienced and certified people who help us provide platform enabling services with customized solutions to many corporate clients. We provide both online and the onsite support.

With the support and dedication we have shown, we have managed many happy customers who come to us again and also recommend us to customers and Small business units. The growth of work that has increased in the company to support corporate and MNCs today is based on the referrals and customer satisfaction of the current customers. Our strong service model is a proof that referral channel is the way for customer acquisition.

Our motto is to have a win-win situation. That is by giving customers competitive product offering and pricing on anything we do in the company and we having happy customers and competitive advantages.

We work across diverse geographical, cultural and language divides to seamlessly deliver quality services to all our users consistently each and every time. We have all the latest technology infrastructure that supports all kind of products that are available in the market for servicing like BGA technology, Intel Server support, Architect IT Infrastructure design.

We would love if our happy customer speaks up. Please write in at the testimonial section and help us grow our business further. Thank you all for our valuable feedback.
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